​Luigi's Pizza & Pasta 
Our Story

Here at Luigi's we take pride in our product. We go to great lengths to provide our customers with what we believe to be the best pizza anywhere.  We use only the finest, freshest cheese and ingredients.  Our pizza and pasta sauces as well as our pizza dough is made fresh daily here in our kitchen and from more than 35 years of experience.  

We would like to assure you that your meal will be prepared fresh just for you. We do not pre-cook our pasta, we do not partially or pre-cook our sausage or chicken, in fact we do not even slice our roast beef until you place your order. Your pizza is custom made to order and cooked in an old fashion deck oven, not on a conveyer belt. Yes, this does take a few minutes longer than a fast food restaurant however, we feel that you are worth it and we hope that you find that we are too.

We invite you to come in, relax in our quaint little pizzeria and enjoy real quality Chicago Style Pizza the way it was meant to be, the old fashioned way.